St Cleer Parish Council

Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

Clerk to the Council:

The Council normally meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month (with the exception of August when the Council does not meet) and on the third Wednesday in December at 7.30pm in the Council Sports Pavilion, Hockings House St.Cleer. An Open Forum usually precedes the Council meeting commencing at 7.15pm.

Meetings Schedule 2019-2020 - Click to download


The register of interest forms for each Councillor on St Cleer Parish Council can be viewed here

Parish Council Meetings

30th January 2019 AgendaMinutes
27th February 2019 AgendaMinutes
27th March 2019 AgendaMinutes
24th April 2019 AgendaMinutes
22nd May 2019 Extraordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
22nd May 2019 Annual Parish Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
22nd May 2019 Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes
26th June 2019 AgendaMinutes
31st July 2019 RescheduledAgendaMinutes
16th September 2019 Extraordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
25th September 2019 AgendaMinutes
23rd October 2019 Agenda 
3rd January 2018 Extraordinary AgendaMinutes
24th January 2018 AgendaMinutes
31st January 2018 ExtraordinaryAgendaMinutes
14th February 2018 ExtraordinaryAgendaMinutes
28th February 2018 AgendaMinutes
28th March 2018 AgendaMinutes
25th April 2018 AgendaMinutes
2nd May 2018 ExtraordinaryAgendaMinutes
23rd May 2018 Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes
23rd May 2018 AgendaMinutes
27th June 2018 AgendaMinutes
25th July 2018 AgendaMinutes
8th August 2018 ExtraordinaryAgendaMinutes
22nd August 2018 ExtraordinaryAgendaMinutes
26th September 2018 AgendaMinutes
10th October 2018 ExtraordinaryAgendaMinutes
24th October 2018 AgendaMinutes
28th November 2018 AgendaMinutes
19th December 2018 AgendaMinutes

Finance and General Purposes Committee

13th February 2019 AgendaMinutes
10th April 2019 AgendaMinutes
19th June 2019 AgendaMinutes
11th September 2019 AgendaMinutes
13th November 2019 Agenda 
14th March 2018 AgendaMinutes
9th May 2018 ExtraordinaryAgendaMinutes
13th June 2018 AgendaMinutes
16th June 2018  Minutes
18th July 2018 ExtraordinaryAgendaMinutes
12th September 2018 AgendaMinutes
14th November 2018 AgendaMinutes

Estates Committee

6th February 2019 AgendaMinutes
13th March 2019 AgendaMinutes
8th May 2019 AgendaMinutes
17th July 2019 AgendaMinutes
9th October 2019 AgendaMinutes
10th January 2018 AgendaMinutes
14th February 2018 AgendaMinutes
11th April 2018 AgendaMinutes
19th September 2018 AgendaMinutes
21st November 2018 AgendaMinutes

Community Engagement Committee

Employment Committee

9th January 2019 AgendaMinutes
20th March 2019 AgendaMinutes
31st July 2019 AgendaMinutes
3rd September 2019 AgendaMinutes