St Cleer Parish Council

Booking Conditions

The conditions for the hire of facilities situated on the St Cleer Sportsground are set out below

  1. St Cleer Parish Council ('the Council') shall not be responsible for loss or damage to personal or other property brought on to the premises.
  2. The Hirer shall ensure that all persons attending the function for which he/she/they are responsible behave in an orderly and responsible manner and that no alcoholic liquor shall be consumed by persons under eighteen years of age.
  3. A function must terminate in time for the building to be vacated by the stipulated finishing time.
  4. NOISE - The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that noise from the event is controlled and is unlikely to cause a nuisance to neighbouring properties. Noise outside the building should be monitored throughout the event.
  5. The premises are equipped for use by persons with disabilities. For safety reasons an adult helper should accompany persons with wheelchairs. A helper should accompany those with hearing or visual impairment or any that might have difficulty evacuating the building.
  6. Fire evacuation procedures are posted in the building with fire evacuation exits clearly marked. The Hirer must KEEP FIRE EXITS CLEAR at all times. The assembly point is located at the North end of the car park. In the event of a fire the Emergency services and Caretaker must be contacted immediately.
  7. Damage or loss caused to the premises shall be the sole responsibility of the hirer who shall reimburse the Council in full for the cost of rectifying/restoring/replacing/repairs. Additionally the Hirer shall ensure that the premises are left in a clean, safe and orderly condition before the premises are vacated. All rubbish and refuse must be removed and disposed of by the Hirer. There will be a surcharge (currently 35) if this condition is not complied with.
  8. The Plasma Screen in the Council meeting room is not to be used under any circumstances unless permission has been requested by the hirer clearly stating the purpose for which the screen is to be used and the relevant permission has been obtained from the Clerk to the Council in writing prior to the hire.
  9. The Hirer must confirm that they are competent to use the facilities and/or equipment prior to hiring. If you require any training or instruction you must make this known to the Caretaker prior to using the equipment.
  10. Security. The hirer shall be responsible for the security of the Council premises during the period of hire by ensuring that only those with a legitimate connection with the hiring or those authorised by the Council have access.
  11. Alcoholic liquor shall not be sold on the premises without the express permission (in writing) from the Council.
  12. Hire fees due to the Council shall be payable on demand.
  13. The Hirer shall indemnify the Council against all third party liability and claims arising during or as a direct result of the hire of the premises.
  14. Food Hygiene Regulations must be observed at all times. Food shall not be prepared or consumed without full accreditation of the individual or compliance with legislation or local bylaws in force at any time.
  16. The hirer must be over 18 years of age.