St Cleer Parish Council


Following an upsurge in interest and subsequent requests, St Cleer Parish Council purchased 2 acres of land just off Bakers Hill, Lower Tremar for residents of the parish to be able to obtain an allotment. The allotments are only available to residents who live in the parish and let through St Cleer Parish Council. The Council have been most encouraged as over 50 plots have been let to residents, many of whom have been occupiers since the allotments were opened.The allotment holders have now formed a thriving association and are eager to encourage and share expertise with those that are considering renting a plot. St Cleer Parish Council is the letting authority for allotment plots and the Allotment Association, whilst working within the rules set by the Parish Council, are in the main self regulatory and manage the area on a day to day basis with the Parish Council having a light touch approach but retaining overall strategic and letting control. The Council is committed to the green agenda and welcomes such a surge of interest.

The Parish Council have set the prices and size of the allotments for 2016-17:-

800 sq ft - 30 per annum
1200 sq ft - 35 per annum

Water charges will be levied in addition to the charges above.

Allotment Application

Allotment size required:
Have you already obtained a plot?:
If Yes please confirm size: Plot No:


I declare that I am submitting this application on my own behalf and that the allotment plot is for my own use or family living at this address.

In the event of my application being granted, I agree to comply with the rules set down by St.Cleer Parish Council and the payment terms and conditions for the allotment.

I also agree that a copy of this form or my details contained herein will be made available to the St.Cleer Allotments Association for their records and that I will become a member of the St.Cleer Allotments Association as a condition of obtaining a plot.

If my email or other contact details change, it is my responsibility to notify St Cleer Parish Council.

Tick to confirm you have made the declaration and accept the conditions:

Please do not send any money with this application. You will be invoiced separately if successful in obtaining a plot.