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St Cleer lies on the southern side of Bodmin Moor, in the county of Cornwall. The northern half of the parish is primarily upland moor, rough grazing for sheep, cattle and ponies. The southern part of the parish is a network of country lanes, farms, settlements and villages, on gentle slopes facing towards the English Channel. The largest and most southerly village is St Cleer itself; close by are the villages of Tremar, Tremarcombe, Darite, Crows Nest and Common Moor. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the parish was the scene of intense mining activities, but the industry has long since closed, leaving chimneys and engine houses as a visible reminder of the past. Geologically, St Cleer straddles the granite of Bodmin moor and the metamorphic aureole around the granite, which is rich in metal deposits.

The climate is dominated by the westerly winds from the Atlantic, bringing rain and sea-mist. In winter there is usually snow fall on the moors, which may lie for a few days, and in summer the heat is tempered by cooling breezes. In this part of the country spring comes early, with daffodils blooming in the fields and hedges.

The western part of the parish is bounded by the river Fowey, draining off Bodmin Moor in a deep wooded valley. The river rushes down a series of steps at Golitha Falls, as it leaves the upland moorland. Further north a tributary of the Fowey has been dammed to form Siblyback Lake, popular for watersports and angling.

Prehistoric people on the moor have left traces of settlements, field systems, standing stones and burial chambers, the most conspicuous of which is Trethevy Quoit, standing in a field near Tremar Coombe. Near Common Moor are the remnants of two carved stone crosses, one of which bears a latin inscription referring to King Doniert, who is thought to be King Durngarth of Cornwall, who drowned in AD875 in the river Fowey.


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