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St Cleer Well

St Cleer Well

Friday 4th January

Cornwall Council tells us that at certain times priority assessment means that services can be delayed. During Coverack and Boscastle for example, other areas flooded had to wait. That means that the first responses were from within the community.

The parish is therefore appealing for committee or planning volunteers.

On Wednesday 9th January at 7.15pm in the Pavilion, local residents are invited to attend the first workshop at pulling together a Community Plan so that it St Cleer is put to the test there is a coordinated response.
In due course, we will collate volunteers with 4x4s, nurses. doctors, tractor owners and those with chain saws (plus plus plus).
The plan will be published and the volunteer list held securely within the community.
So if you wish to form part of the COMMITTEE and are RESIDENT in St Cleer please come along.

Further information by PM or email

Monday, 16 July 2018

I append below an extract of a statement I made at the recent Annual Parish Meeting on 23rd May, 2018. To be honest, I was not particularly happy to be making such a report, and that remains the case.

“Unfortunately, in the last six months there has been a fairly public campaign about the workings of the Parish Council by a very small minority of councillors. This is regrettable as it breaches the code of conduct and is currently under external investigation.

I feel it is essential that the Parishioners of this village know that the smooth and effective operation of your Parish Council is being hindered by the creation of a hostile working environment for both the employees and the diligent hard-working majority of the Council. This is being effectively challenged.

The time has come that the diversionary and divisive tactics of one or two to cease. The Council will work in accordance with the code of Practice, Standing Orders and the Officer Member Protocol to facilitate this.

As your Chair, I will do my utmost to work to improve St Cleer Parish Council. So that the Council can once again perform its duties of serving the electorate. The objective of most of your Councillors, is to serve the Parish, providing the services and facilities it needs, with respect, kindness and integrity.”

A complaint was made to the Cornwall County Council’s Monitoring Officer in this regard, specifically that:

• I breached Confidentiality in a ‘premeditated and malicious’ way and ‘delivered a personal attack’;
• I misused the time of the Officer (meaning the Clerk) by requiring that this was to ‘record and publish’ the same comment

In spite of providing Cornwall CC with an audio of the above it has been determined that "I can find no evidence to substantiate the alleged breaches” and as a result “I have been unable to find a breach of the Code of Conduct I am rejecting the complaint".

You are more than welcome to make your own view – I understand the interest is at minute 2.42

<Link no longer available>

Cornwall CC have made the following points:

• "A councillor is within their rights to have their own opinions and to express these"
• "Cllr Harbord has not specified which Councillor her comments are directed at"
• "Cllr Harbord is making a generalised comment and has not specified what or who it is in respect of, she is just making her opinion and views hears, which she is entitled to do"

Speaking your own truth, with respect, kindness and integrity, is my understanding of the base of democracy which as a Parish Councillor I value very highly.

I did indicate in my speech that a referral had been made to Cornwall Council Council’s Monitoring Officer about a ‘hostile working environment’.

For some this has been particularly acute and distressing. Not least because at times it has felt rather relentless.

I was duly re-elected by my peers on the 23rd May to continue in my role as Chair.

Further there was a vote of confidence in the Clerk held at the same meeting which was overwhelmingly supported.

We have learned today that the outcome of the external investigation mentioned above was found against Councillor Kevin Johnson and a consequence applied.

I would direct you to Cornwall’s Reports on such decisions, which will be put on their Website in due course, we have no influence on the timing of this or otherwise:

Code of Conduct Complaints

It is my sincerest wish that we can now get on with the task in hand, of improving the health and well being of the Parish without time consuming diversion and division.

Thank you

Sue Harbord

ASSOCIATED DOCUMENTS - click to download:

Welcome to St Cleer Parish

The parish of St.Cleer is located in East Cornwall within the former Caradon district. St.Cleer parish is bordered by the town boundary of Liskeard, as well as the parishes of St. Neot, Linkinhorne, and St. Ive (bordered by the large village of Pensilva).

The parish is 4,427 hectares in area and the principal and most populous village being St.Cleer from where the parish obtains its name. The parish also contains the settlements of Tremar, Darite, Common Moor, Crows Nest and surrounding hamlets.

The parish contains rugged granite outcrops and water features – including Siblyback Lake and Golitha Falls on the River Fowey. St.Cleer is a moorland parish and forms part of the Bodmin Moor tapestry of parishes. The Moor has been classified as an A.O.N.B (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and is also within the A.G.L.V. (Area of Great Landscape Value).


Bodmin Moor is a vast expanse of rugged moorland beauty, that is steeped in history as well as being rich in archaeological remains. The scientific and economic importance is illustrated by the remnants of the 19 th century tin and copper mining industry the remains of which still form part of the landscape. The remains of engine houses and mine chimneys are still clearly visible hugging the slopes of Caradon Hill.

Interesting Landmarks

Trethevy Quoit, this ancient burial chamber is located in the hamlet of Trethevy and can be accessed from Darite.

St.Cleer Church the church in St. Cleer in the centre of the village was rebuilt towards the end of the 13 th century and the church tower relatively recently in the 15 th century.

St.Cleer Well a short distance from the church down Well Lane is located the granite holy well of St. Clarus, the water from which was reputed to cure madness.

King Donierts Stone on the road towards the hamlet of Redgate are two granite cross bases that make up King Doniert’s Stone. The inscription is late 9 th century style and it is though that Doniert was Dungarth the King of Cornwall who drowned in the river Fowey and the stone marks his death in 875.


The Parish Council want residents and visitors to enjoy our parish. If you do come across any illegal fly tipping and dumping you now report it on-line

Report Fly Tipping


You can report many things online to Cornwall Council using one of the forms. To view the list please follow the link below

Trethevy Quoit

Trethevy Quoit

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