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St Cleer Story Community Magazine July 2020
The St Cleer Story Community Magazine July 2020 Edition has now been published.

St Cleer is beautiful - Photo Competition
Competition Time! Use this time of isolation to air your cameras on your daily exercise! Get Creati
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A New Team for Football in St Cleer
Improvement for the football pitch and partnership with Cornwall FA

St Cleer Story Community Magazine March 2020
The St Cleer Story Community Magazine March 2020 Edition has now been published.

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St Cleer Well

St Cleer Well

PARISH IS PARTIALLY OPEN!                        3.7.2020

Following a change in legislation Parish Councils are now able to meet virtually. Agendas are posted on the website with the dial in links available to all.
If you have any questions to Parish, they must be received 48 hours before the meeting by email to the Clerk at:

You may see our caretaker out and about; we would ask you to be very vigilant with social distancing measures so that he can progress a long list of things to do for us out and about St Cleer Parish.

The village toilets and the Pavilion remain closed at this time. We know some public toilets are open, but St Cleer cannot meet the guidelines for safely opening our facility and have regrettably voted to keep it shut, but the matter under review.

Under strict social distancing guidelines, the Allotments are again fully open.

From Monday 6th July the Horizon Play Park and Outdoor Gym are to reopen: please observe the guidelines as the Covid risk is MANAGED not gone. Risk management guidelines all say strong signposting. We have complied!

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How is your tax for St Cleer used?? Here’s how!
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It is indeed a sad day for St Cleer after a good decade and more of intense use we have had, very reluctantly, authorised the decommissioning of the current skate park because it is now deemed unfit for purpose.

Parish have been monitoring the park very closely for quite some time and had RoSPA inspect it expeditiously earlier in the year. It was then agreed at parish that if (and when) there was any further deterioration it would be dismantled.

It has been repaired in the past; but the bottom line is, it has a wooden subframe and this has been subject to rot for some time. Simply put however long the screws you put in, they have nothing to hold onto and as a result the surface is lifting. This would cause harm if not addressed.

Very close monitoring from our Caretaker tells us that the deterioration noted last evening by a resident had in fact occurred since his inspection on Monday. 3 Councillors and myself (the clerk) attended and we verified that there had indeed been deterioration since the RoSPA report and the tough decision to remove has been made.

Past experience tells us that simple barriers to prevent use are ineffective, indeed when it was being built skaters were grinding on the infrastructure. Hence the somewhat draconian but safer option of decommissioning.

Over the last few months Parish has been seeking quotes for replacement; metal and wood park builders have provided quotes but concrete park builders have constantly indicated that their workloads mean that they are not providing quotes at the moment. It is most certainly a work in progress and is on the agenda for the meeting of the Estates Committee on the 17th July.

Parish has £27,000 allocated for the replacement which will likely cost in the order of £100,000 dependent on the choices made. So to proceed we need to get into fundraising mode.

Below is a link to a short survey and I would encourage you and all park users to comment let us make your voice heard in our funding bids and please let me know if you would like to be involved in the commissioning work which we hope to include people who are willing to get involved (including young people!) in making great plans for a new park – it should take you 3 minutes to complete.

Statement from St Cleer Parish Council with regard to complaints by Mr Johnson 27 February 2019
Read the full Statement - click here.

Welcome to St Cleer Parish

The parish of St.Cleer is located in East Cornwall within the former Caradon district. St.Cleer parish is bordered by the town boundary of Liskeard, as well as the parishes of St. Neot, Linkinhorne, and St. Ive (bordered by the large village of Pensilva).

The parish is 4,427 hectares in area and the principal and most populous village being St.Cleer from where the parish obtains its name. The parish also contains the settlements of Tremar, Darite, Common Moor, Crows Nest and surrounding hamlets.

The parish contains rugged granite outcrops and water features – including Siblyback Lake and Golitha Falls on the River Fowey. St.Cleer is a moorland parish and forms part of the Bodmin Moor tapestry of parishes. The Moor has been classified as an A.O.N.B (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and is also within the A.G.L.V. (Area of Great Landscape Value).


Bodmin Moor is a vast expanse of rugged moorland beauty, that is steeped in history as well as being rich in archaeological remains. The scientific and economic importance is illustrated by the remnants of the 19 th century tin and copper mining industry the remains of which still form part of the landscape. The remains of engine houses and mine chimneys are still clearly visible hugging the slopes of Caradon Hill.

Interesting Landmarks

Trethevy Quoit, this ancient burial chamber is located in the hamlet of Trethevy and can be accessed from Darite.

St.Cleer Church the church in St. Cleer in the centre of the village was rebuilt towards the end of the 13 th century and the church tower relatively recently in the 15 th century.

St.Cleer Well a short distance from the church down Well Lane is located the granite holy well of St. Clarus, the water from which was reputed to cure madness.

King Donierts Stone on the road towards the hamlet of Redgate are two granite cross bases that make up King Doniert’s Stone. The inscription is late 9 th century style and it is though that Doniert was Dungarth the King of Cornwall who drowned in the river Fowey and the stone marks his death in 875.


The Parish Council want residents and visitors to enjoy our parish. If you do come across any illegal fly tipping and dumping you now report it on-line

Report Fly Tipping


You can report many things online to Cornwall Council using one of the forms. To view the list please follow the link below

Trethevy Quoit

Trethevy Quoit

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