The Outdoor Gym

What is an outdoor gym? A gym in the fresh air! Similar to indoor gyms found in leisure centres, outdoor gyms provide users with a selection of equipment they can use to exercise. Just like an indoor gym we have different equipment to cater to everyone’s exercise needs:


Everyone can use them! 

  • No costly membership fees! Entire communities can use the equipment for free 
  • There is no need for an instructor, Equipment is safe and simple to use 
  • Exercising in the fresh air Stimulates emotional wellbeing and delivers essential oxygen and vitamin D to the body 
  • Users can incorporate the equipment into their regular workout e.g. park run 
  • Suitable for all abilities from the complete beginner to advanced users 
  • Safe and easy to use, resistance is provided by the user’s own body weight.
Purpose built to be safe for everyone Our range has been developed to be permanently installed outdoors. Placed in one area or along a track as a trim trail, our gyms make exercise free and fun for all. They can be used by one person, in pairs or with groups. 

  • Inclusive and safe for all ages & abilities – Specific children and disability ranges available
  • Quality assured – We conduct external quality control checks, testing our equipment to 300,000 user cycles
  • Safe – All equipment conforms to safety standards EN1176 & EN16630. 

Once the park was installed, Parish absorbed responsibility for the site and the Estates Caretaker diligently inspects and reports on the equipment, making it safe to use for all. View our Pavillion Area Map to find the outdoor gym. 

If you are aware of any antisocial behaviour on site please call the Police or visit the Devon & Cornwall Police website.

If you are aware of a cleaning or maintenance need please contact our caretaker (noting that he works part time).

Our gym equipment was provided by Fresh Air Fitness. If you need help understanding how to use the equipment in our outdoor gym then you can watch the videos on the Fresh Air Fitness Youtube page

Our Gym Equipment 

Elliptical X Trainer

Elliptical Cross Trainer 

Suitable for all abilities, our Elliptical Cross Trainer gets the whole body moving, providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. Easy-to-use, it is designed so that users can set their own pace and choose between forward or reverse motion to work different muscles. 

1464 x 637 x 1541mm 

Double Rower

Double Rower 

Much like a rowing boat, the Double Rower has been especially designed to provide a total body workout. Sitting in the chair, clasping the handles, users pull back with the arms, extending the body before using the core, legs and arms to pull the body back to a starting position. 

2738 x 962 x 1154mm 

Arm and pedal bike

Disabled Arm and Pedal Bike 

The Disabled Arm & Pedal Bike is suitable for wheelchair users. The clever design enables the user to position their chair in front of the frame and use the equipment while seated. A simple yet effective low impact exercise. The pedals develop strength and tone in the arms and legs while improving co-ordination, cardiovascular strength and core stability. 

898 x 486 x 1306mm 

Chin up Bars

Chin Up Bars

This double height Chin Up Bars offer a functional training frame for a variety of exercises. Users can perform overhand pull-ups, underhand pull-ups, chin-ups and hanging leg raises. A strenuous workout for strengthening and building muscles in arms, back and shoulders. 

2965 x 168 x 2303mm 


pull down and chest press

Combi Pull Down & Chest Press 

This strength building piece of equipment has been designed to offer the benefits of a chest press and a pull down challenger on one frame. Known as the Combi, the back to back seats allow two people to workout at once. Working the chest, shoulder and arms muscles on one side, while working the lats and arms on the other.  

2584 x 1098 x 1955mm 

double air walker

Double Air Walker 

Our hugely popular Double Air Walker is suitable for all abilities, beginners to advanced. It's easy to use and a huge amount of fun. One or two people can use the equipment at a time. Users can set their own pace, choosing a wide walk, stretching legs and developing flexibility in the hip joints or a shorter faster page to build cardio strength. 

2285 x 630 x 1158mm 

double cross country skier

Double Cross Country Skier 

The Double Cross Country Skier has been especially designed to provide a full body workout. Just like cross country skiing, users stand on the food plates, moving legs forwards and back while using their arms to drive the handles. Users can work individually or in pairs for some synchronised skiing. 

1965 x 620 x 1562mm 

Push up and dip

 Push Up and Dip

This simple frame has been specially designed for functional training. Easy to use and suitable for all abilities, users select the bar height that is right for them and perform numerous exercises including push-ups, dips, knee raises, v lifts and much more. Providing a strenuous workout for the upper body. 

1662 x 645 x 1458mm 



One of our most popular pieces of equipment, the Rider is easy-to-use and suitable for all abilities. Similar to a rower, but positioned upright, users push up with their legs while pulling with their arms against resistance, moving their entire body up and down. Setting their own page, moving as quickly or slowly as they choose, building cardio strength, stamina and muscular strength.  

Seated leg press

Seated Leg Press

Suitable for all abilities from beginners upwards, our Seated Leg press provides an excellent workout for thighs, hips and buttocks. This simple yet effective piece of equipment is easy-to-use, once seated, users simply push with their legs to move their seat away from the frame. 

2375 x 509 x 1900mm