St Cleer Car Park and Public Conveniences

In 2019 The Parish negotiated with Cornwall to take over and operate the Car Park at St Cleer in addition to the Public Conveniences which Parish had ‘adopted’ a number of years before.

Car Park

The car park provides free car parking spaces and is very well used, as a result it had become more of an obstacle course than a car park so the first job was a major resurfacing project which was undertaken by D A Giles.

The soak away at the rear had to be cleared of a significant amount of debris and since this was achieved the Estate Caretaker has rigorously cleared the culvert of rubbish and fallen vegetation and we work with our neighbours to ensure that leaf fall is minimised. In doing this the water erosion that was in evidence under the previous surface can be mitigated and hopefully this new surface last for another 25-30 years.

A small sum is set aside year on year to pay for its eventual replacement in 2040 or thereabouts!

Before Refurbishment...

pothole and erosion at the car park


Patches of tarmac on uneven car park 

After Refurbishment...

Freshly laid tarmac 


New smooth car park 

Public Conveniences

The public toilets were also refurbished in 2019/2020 with additional ventilation and a more robust ceiling and flooring material.

The toilets are cleaned 6 times a week and on one of these occasions are subjected to a ‘deep clean’.

We know that from time to time the cleanliness can be impacted by the behaviour of others and we would ask that any antisocial behaviour is reported to the police if witnessed.

Any matter can be raised with the caretaker direct on: