St Cleer Defibrillators / AEDs

As a rural Parish; St Cleer has obvious geographical issues in access to emergency health care. As a result, the Parish supports 2 AEDs; owns another and is seeking to provide a number more around the Parish over the forthcoming years.

Each AED costs £2,500 and the maintenance costs are approximately £2-300 per annum excluding consumables (dependant on provider)

Should you wish to sponsor an AED and dedicate it to the memory of an individual or an event, group or company please contact the Clerk.
Pavilion AED
This one is managed and owned by the Parish; It was new in the civic year 2018/2019 and is from South West Ambulance Trust.

Daily a visual inspection is offered and once a week the caretaker records that it’s status is ‘ready’; This is in turn fed through to SWAST and maintained under their regime for 999 centres to refer callers to it for care and attention.
Market Inn AED
HeartSafe cabinet no 1001R
This one was funded by the Parish and it is a system that links directly to a maintenance system which records its ‘ready’ status and when it needs attention. The system tells us when new pads or batteries are required and Parish replaces them.

The cost of the maintenance system is met by Parish on an ongoing basis.
Darite AED
In March 2019, having raised some monies from the Liskeard Lions, Darite Village Hall applied to Parish for a grant to purchase an AED to site in their newly acquired phone box.

Cleerway Church did a magnificent job of refurbishing the phone box and Parish supported the Village Hall with a grant for the AED

The cost of the maintenance system is met by Parish on an ongoing basis.

Common Moor    |    Tremar Coombe    |    Tremar

All of these locations are named on a plan by the Parish to increase the number of AEDs in the Parish

Applications for a joint approach (such as was achieved with Darite Village Hall) can be discussed informally with the Clerk and the matter taken to Parish for development.

Email the Clerk on