Horizon Play Park

In 2016, with not inconsiderable effort from the St Cleer Community Group, a 10% match funding from St Cleer Parish Council and a considerable grant from Viridor, Horizon Play Park was completely refurbished using Playdale as our supplier.

The park is aimed at Junior and Pre School Children and parents need to accept responsibility and liability for any young person over the target age using equipment for weights and sizes of individuals it is not designed to cope with.

Once the park was installed, Parish absorbed responsibility for the site and the Estates Caretaker diligently inspects and reports on the equipment, making it safe to use for all of our children. If you are aware of any antisocial behaviour on site please call the Police on the Devon and Cornwall Police website.

If you are aware of a cleaning or maintenance need please contact our caretaker (noting that he works part time) caretaker@stcleerparishcouncil.gov.uk