St Cleer PC to be represented at NDP conference

Published: 21 October 2022

Conference summary:

This conference aims to link, support and inform communities to improve local planning. It includes advice on policy making and taking other action that further prepares our communities for the climate, ecological and economic emergencies that we face.

The event will provide advice and information about the nitty gritty of Neighbourhood Planning whatever stage of the process you are at (even if your council does not yet have a plan at all) and offer information on possible policies or local actions and initiatives.


Organiser of In and Beyond Neighbourhood Plans for Community, Nature and Climate

Professor Wills is the Dirctor of the Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) at the Exeter University Penryn Campus and is Professor of Geography at the Centre for Geography and Environmental Science (CGES).

Her research interests focus on questions of geo-political-economy, the living wage, community organising and localism, and she has recently been exploring public engagement in sustainability policy and practice.

Professor Cochrane led the conference which preceded this one in 2019 which addressed the issue of Neighbourhood Planning and Climate Change. He is an experienced engineer of renewable energy technologies with both broad business and academic experience. His work in the energy sector has encompassed research and development of a range of energy generation technologies and building energy consultancy. Work has ranged from early inception of novel ideas through to full scale international production. He is an Associate Professor of Renewable Energy at the University of Exeter, which includes teaching about energy systems and research work on wind and tidal turbine design, heat pumps and hydrogen for transport applications.