Horizon Farm Planning Application

Published: 08 December 2022

Horizon Farm - PA22/03675 | Hybrid planning application - Conversion of existing building into shop, meeting rooms, offices, hair and beauty salon and associated works and outline permission with all matters except access reserved for residential development and extra care facility is still receiving input from the applicants highways consultant despite the determination deadline being Jul 22.

The latest submission (7 Dec 22) actually seeks to use Cornwall council’s own rationale for requiring children to walk from St Cleer to Liskeard for school across open moorland as a reason to support the development at Horizon farm as is detailed in the latest transport submission.

Previously during the PC site visit the applicant sought to discount the requirement for access across common land. It would seem that it is now the submission of the applicant that they believe children should walk across the open moor from Horizon to school at St Cleer.

This may be interpreted as invalidating the previous Devon & Cornwall Police liaison officer and the Commons & Greens Registration officer’s comments in relation to this application. When those consultee comments were submitted, there was no expectation of women & children being required to walk, in the dark, across isolated moorland.

Also - there is now an education infrastructure consultation similarly dated 7 Dec where the previous submission from education stated that no consultation was required since it wasn’t a residential development - perhaps that department has actually examined the application since their early submission?

These latest submissions are highlighted in order that any interested party might see them and consider registering a comment of their own at Cornwall Council planning portal - all comments received prior to determination are supposed to be taken into account by the case officer.