Cold Weather and road / pavement gritting

Published: 14 December 2022

Here is the link to Cornwall Council webpage which will answer the vast majority of questions on this subject.

Grit bins are filled once at the beginning of the cold season by Cornwall Council and the bins are only at locations off the main gritting route.

Emergency or hazardous situations should be reported to Cornwall Council as shown in the attached picture.

Cormac were seen on the route through Tremar and Well lane PM today hand gritting footpaths and re-filling grit bins as specified in the Winter Service Plan.

The parish council is aware that the majority of existing grit bins were depleted by use but the re-supply from Cormac today should go some way to alleviate this.

There may be occasion when the parish council will refill grit bins in between Cornwall Council fills when supplies and manpower allow.

Currently, due to staff illness and absence there is no facility for the PC to do this.


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