Cornwall Heritage Trust

Published: 18 January 2023


Would you consider supporting the work of Cornwall Heritage Trust as they seek to preserve and strengthen Cornwall’s unique heritage for generations to come?

There are several hugely significant heritage trust sites within St Cleer parish and this latest news from the trust sees support being provided to the St Clarus bell refurbishment project.  

Can we show the Cornwall Heritage Trust how much their work is appreciated in the parish by creating a new membership application spike?

All over Cornwall, there are heritage sites that are uncared for and at risk – some are even lost forever.

Cornish traditions range from gig building to wrestling to shanty singing and dancing.

So many people value our culture that we need traditions, language, literature, arts, music and dance to continue to flourish and inspire the next generation.

Cornwall Heritage Trust is a Charity and therefore wholly dependent on the goodwill of its members and from donations.

By joining the Trust you can help this worthwhile cause. 
Cornwall Heritage Trust Membership page


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