Could YOU be a parish councillor?

Published: 20 January 2023

St Cleer parish council is about to commence an advertising campaign to inform all those within the parish, and within 3 miles of the parish boundary, that 3 vacancies for the role of parish councillor currently exists in St Cleer parish council.

At the monthly meeting of the parish council (Weds 25 January 2023) there will be a discussion and the commencement of a process of informing, encouraging and supporting any candidates that may have an interest in presenting for selection for the role of parish councillor.

More information will follow after discussion at the PC meeting (Weds 25 Jan 23) and, over the coming months, there will be detailed notices with specific information and links to some of the many online videos which describe the role.

In the meantime, anyone that thinks they may be interested in the role is encouraged to attend any parish council meeting to get a feel for how the organisation works and what it does.

St Cleer parish council routinely meets on the 4th Weds of each month at the Sports pavilion, Hockins House at 19:00.  

If you are interested in becoming a parish councillor for St Cleer parish there is an excellent overview of the role of a parish council at the link:

There is also an excellent overview of the co-option process at this link:

 The very best way to get a real for what happens at a PC meeting is to attend one!  There is an absolutely PACKED agenda of item for discussion and resolution at the meeting scheduled for this coming Wednesday 25 Jan 23.  The agenda may be viewed here: