Vehicle Parking St Cleer village car park

Published: 01 February 2023

The pictured vehicle has not moved from its current position in the St Cleer village car park since at least November last year.

Whilst it is currently showing a valid Road Fund Licence (until 1 Jun 23) and MoT test certificate (until 24 Apr 23) and it is 'technically' permitted to use the St Cleer car park, the fact that it has not moved in such a long period is causing degradation to the materiel of the carpark surface through vegetative penetration.

The village car park is not intended for the apparent abandonment of private vehicles.

This vehicle is taking up a space in a limited capacity car park which could be better used by a resident, visitor or school run vehicle.

The owner of this vehicle is kindly requested to make arrangements for the vehicle to be removed and to contact the clerk to the PC in order to discuss potential arrangements for the remediation of existing damage to car park surface before it worsens.

This notice will be shared to social media in the hope that the owner may be found and that removal and civil recovery action avoided.  

 The PC wishes to offer any suitable assistance should the owner of the vehicle find they are unable to make arrangements for it to be moved -  just get in touch and lets see what can be done.

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